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Using the system of relations with positive votes only, I've customized the labels everywhere so it is now a "Like" system on my forum.

It would be very cool if we could somehow create a display of posts with the most "likes" from the whole forum, all members combined, either with a hover preview a la Get first image(s) of topic or display the first image from each post. We would obviously need to use the post ID for this idea though; ?pid=nnnn

This could be a standalone page with a link added to the main menu, or the "Active-Topics" sub-menu. And perhaps get a link in the statistics menu too at the bottom, next to the "Most Viewed" & Most Replied" topics.

Anyone have any ideas how that could possibly be achieved?



It's difficult to get the most liked posts because for this action we have to get the list of all posts ratings and compare them to select those that have the largest number of votes. It would be a very large load on the database. Unfortunately there's no other method to create this feature.



Oh well, it was a fun dream while it lasted, lol. Thanks for replying.  8-)


You are here » Community Forum » New Forum Features » Most liked posts