Dear friends,

We are happy to announce that new uploaded images will be stored in our forum storage, as well as files in Admin Files section. In order to reduce the traffic to our servers we use caching CDN CloudFlare.

There are minimal changes in the reply form:

Now in My uploads section of profile the list of uploaded images is available in table format. You can upload one or several images (there is multi upload too), delete or update existing uploads. Also you can sort the file list by any column.

Each file can be given a comment (a name of source file by default).

The maximum number of files is 500 for each user, and the file size is up to 10MB. By reaching the limit you should delete some of existing files to upload a new one.

Available types of files to upload are: png, jpe, jpeg, jpg, gif.
Possibly some new types will be added in the future.