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Problems With Url Parameters

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Frankly this is a slight problem im facing here with the home url but all the same it needs to be addressed.
The home Url doesn't accept any params
Eg is not same as or

It'll be grand if this can be fixed mainly because i find it that it's easy to paginate posts when we can set e.g ?page=1

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Hi jonath45,
Did you try location.hash instead?



The function that we used in our project:

function getParam(sParamName){
	var Params = location.hash.length > 1 ? location.hash.substring(1).split("&") :"&");
	var variable = ""; for (var i = 0; i < Params.length; i++){
	if (Params[i].split("=")[0] == sParamName){
        if (Params[i].split("=").length > 1)
                variable = Params[i].split("=")[1];
                return variable;
	return "";



yes but on browsers like chrome # params do not reload the page and they do not look beautiful too.
I used it on and it works but i had to add a refresh to the function just to check


You are here » Community Forum » Questions for Administration » Problems With Url Parameters