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We are pleased to announce the opening of the English version of the project
Earlier our project existed only in the Russian segment.

What is
This is a team of professional web designers and programmers, creating individual templates from scratch.
This is specialists with more than 10 years of experience in the development of forums.
This is free technical support and assistance in developing web projects.
This is a forum with a huge amount of information: more than 350 scripts for forums and sites, more than 100 free styles for, more than 80 guides and ready css solutions for forums and sites.

Now we plan to gradually translate information from the Russian part of the site. And we are ready to accept orders for design now.
Welcome! :flag:

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Latest updates

New Questionnairies script
We decided to simplify the process of placing orders.
To do this, we created a new version of Questionnaires script v2 (MyBB) [satsana, Alex_63]

Now additions to the order title, which are important for specialists (which type of order - paid or free, whether the order contains complex work, whether the order is strictly addressed to our team or any specialist) are added AUTOMATICALLY.
You just need to mark the options when creating an order.
This greatly reduced the forms for sending the order.

Also added more buttons for forms - spoilers, hidden text, many buttons for formatting text.
And now you can send the codes in the code tags. For example, you can send scripts that need to be embedded in the design, or easily make an order to fix bugs / modify your scripts and codes.

The script itself is available free of charge on our forum.

New materials in the portfolio
Finally, it was time to place the Graphics and Video in the relevant sections of the portfolio.
The script page is still, unfortunately, under construction. But we intend to demonstrate our skill in the near future.

New content
We try to publish new content consistently.
Now every three days you can find on the site new scripts - including exclusive ones, which are not available in other forums or sites.
We will try to keep the same tempo of updating the Style Catalog - every 3-5 days there will be a new design for free.
Every week we prepare for publication a new guide or article on administration, webdesign, css or scripts.

Remember that in choosing the priority of the content, we are guided by your opinion - look to us, write feedback, request what you would like to see on our forum. :)

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