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is it possibility to create Child Board ?

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Just discovered another issue with the sub-forum script; a major issue:

All topics moved to the new sub-forums are not discoverable in search when searching just a new sub-forum, unless a reply has been posted after the move. Even then, it's only those replies that are indexed by the search.

In other words, only new posts made to the new sub-forums are indexed in search, and discoverable when searching the new sub-forums.

All original topics are however discoverable when searching the parent forums.

Is this something that can be addressed as a priority please? It is quite a major issue for a forum if topics cannot be found in search. :(

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Please give an example of this (a link of search page where the posts are displayed in parent forums where they were before moving)



Sure thing! But remember, it's an adult board... no porn though. ;)

The results of this search are when searching the parent forum where they were originally posted; they can still be found when searching that parent forum, but only those topics are found; topics posted to the sub-forums are not found when searching the parent forum: … rch=Submit

Searching the sub-forum where they are now moved only returns the ones that have been posted in the sub-forum, or replies that have been posted there after the move 2 days ago: … rch=Submit

For example, everything that was moved to the sub-forums here: can only be found when searching the parent forum, or the whole board.

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Oh dear, looks like this last issue with searching new sub-forums has been forgotten about.  :'(

If it's not possible to fix, is there any way to force a re-index of the whole forum so those older posts/topics that were moved into the new sub-forums can get properly indexed in the sub-forums and they can be found when searching either the parent or sub-forum?

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I've written to Admin of MyBB about your request. Please wait some time for his answer



Alex_63 wrote:

I've written to Admin of MyBB about your request. Please wait some time for his answer

Thanks Alex_63 :)



Admin wrote:

Hi Buzzer,

Sorry for delay.
We are still working on other tasks.

Subforums there will be likely this spring.
We will try not to disappoint you.

Now is July. Development are that long? 6 months delay.



Unfortunately we have a lot of other tasks and there's no opportunity to continue working on subforums feature right now.

But there is a script for creating subforums, try to use it: SUB-FORUMS with Auto-Setting. And in future the subforums that have been created via script would be migrated into new format by forum engine.



Uh-oh, I just noticed yesterday that I can no longer add any sub-forums using the script from SUB-FORUMS with Auto-Setting

I've tested on my existing forum as well as a new one I'm setting up, but cannot add sub-forums there either with the same script.

I've tried debugging today by removing all custom code I had added to HTML Header, HTML Footer, Announcement Message & HTML in Reply Form fields, and disabled all built-in Scripts in the admin. Still could not add any sub-forums.

I've cleaned up the few little HTML errors that were being flagged in browser console, but there are still 2 JS errors showing up. One is a JS file that 404s, and another is apparently a syntax error in the sub-forum script (but I'm no good at debugging JS unfortunately).

Can someone perhaps take a look and try to figure out what's going on?


You are here » Community Forum » New Forum Features » is it possibility to create Child Board ?