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Help us translate forums!

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Do you speak English well? Is it your mother-tongue? Well, than you may be helpful!
You might probably know that MyBB is originally a Russian Forum Service. We've been working in Russia for more than 10 years and we've got quite experienced in this area. However, the International level is a new unfamiliar field for us. We had to overcome a lot of problems but still, we have even more of them ahead.
Unfortunately, it is not easy to deal with things when you do not speak any other languages but Russian. And that's why we need your help right here and right now. We're aware that there are tons of mistakes (spelling, grammar and others mistakes) in our translation. We ask you, whenever you want and whenever you have time, please, proofread your forums and maybe you'll be able to find something that must be corrected. Submit your corrections to this topic.
We appreciate your help!
P.S. We need someone to check our community forum too.  :flag:



lets suppose you provide a translation file in the default language (en or russian) which can be downloaded ... then the users can correct the en translation or to translate into the language of their respective countries ... and send the translation back to you for immediate implementation in mybb forum



Hello,I want to translate the forum to Chinese[中文] by myself!!

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Chinese is planned. Looking forward to spring, then it might be implemented. For now, we don't provide a translation file, so you'd better wait for the time we launch the other languages to proofread it.


You are here » Community Forum » Collective Work » Help us translate forums!