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Wildcards and operators in search

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I feel a little silly asking this, but how exactly should the * (wildcard) & AND, OR and NOT operators be entered in the search form?

I've tried every possible variation I can think of, but I can't seem to get these operators to return any results. For example, while there are many posts with these terms in the topic titles in my forum, these entered attempts do not work to get any results for either katrina or sabrina:

katrina OR sabrina
OR katrina sabrina
OR katrina OR sabrina
katrina sabrina OR
"katrina" OR "sabrina"
OR "katrina" "sabrina"


Also, I have the same confusion with the wildcard. This doesn't return anything either if searching for "katrina"

If you need to test, my forum (adult content) is at

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Thank you for reporting.

We have fixed the work of operators AND, OR and NOT. Please re-check.

Wildcard currently not supported, since it requires three times more RAM for the index.
When we perform an upgrade, we will return to this subject.
Sorry for the inconvenience.



Yes, the operators work now. Thank you!

And thanks also for removing reference to the wildcard option from the infofield in the searchform. I was gonna get all funky with css nth-child & other pseudo stuff to hide/replace it, but now I don't have to. :)


You are here » Community Forum » Forum for Newbies » Wildcards and operators in search