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Your Partnership Service

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MyBB allows you to become a reseller of the forums which means that you can create a free service with the forums belonging to your own domain (eg: forum.@domain.tld), including the possibility to customise your partnership service and to earn the money.
Becoming a reseller you will need to have a personal domain name and an account  in our partnership program [Link].

To setup your service, add the domain name you would like to use, choose preferable DNS settings and localisation (currently Russian and English available).
As soon as you add the domain, you must customise DNS settings in the panel of your Domain Name Provider. According to your choice, you are to add the following:
To use the MyBB DNS Servers is the easiest way but sometimes it's necessary to use DNS Records, in such a situation you will have to use other DNS Services that may be paid.
If you want to use the main page of your domain for other purposes (eg: for a forum), you are to use DNS Records * IN A (or: *.domain.tld. IN A and bb IN A (or: bb.domain.tld. IN A only.

Note: DNS Records may be different, please check manual page [Link]
In the following 24 hours, your reseller service will be set.

Now you can customise forums' content (HTML-header, HTML-footer, The top banner code, Bottom ad unit code), and your reseller site (Home Page, Registration, Registration Complete Page, User Agreement, Forum Directory, Contact Us, Forum not found, Mail Template).

Global Settings will allow you to disable the paid services and customise the primary domain.
Note: if you disable ads MyBB still occasioanly will show them.

Become a Partner



hi pls my partner service isnt working properly in that people cant register forum on it please help it is st



jonath45 wrote:

hi pls my partner service isnt working properly in that people cant register forum on it please help it is st

i can register.....



wow is it now working thanks for verifying @kami



The partner domains start working when the DNS's are updated. It lasts from a few hours to a day. Now your domains are working



Thanks @Alex_63



This does not always happen all the time, but occasionally is too heavy to be loaded by internet speed in my area Even sometimes can make the mybb completely not open when loaded except to display only a long loading process

Nevertheless everything  works fine. Thanks

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Hi admins!

I'm starting to think about setting up my own partnership service, but have 2 questions:

1) Does the interstitial page (click.php?) exist on all forums for external links, and can it be customized to fit the design of the partner's main site (banners, links, etc)?

2) Can my existing live forum be migrated to the new partner domain once it's set up?



1) yes, it does exist and non customizable.
2) unfortunately, not possible, too. Partnership services and mybb have different servers, migrating physically restricted.
I had the same idea some time ago and even sent an e-mail to Admin. His answer was frustrating though.



1) Drat!
2) Double-drat!

Thanks for replying though. :)


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