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Photos with members

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there's a little fun on this forum. On our Russian community forum, we sometimes have battles between our members and arguments can be very heated.
In this topic, I suggest making acquaintance with each other and the righteous way to do so is to share your personal photo.
You are free to comment but keep in mind that you should not hurt other people's feelings.



I will be the first to start this thread. :)

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Greetings from me.. I can understand what you type, I just do not know how to type in english what is in my mind as a comment to this thread.

so certain the future in the photo
and faces life finds its own pace
and memories their places Peace
be to You and yours

a little knowledge of someone, like a piece of equipment that is very valuable for others who do not have it....
My mind always goes over old memories and finds deeper significance in the experiences leading up to now

A good conscience is a continual feast.


You are here » Community Forum » Fun Room » Photos with members