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Delicious has changed the destination URL to :



Hello kami,
Thank you for report.
URL updated.



please help me to create forum like E-money forum or how can I put extras on user profile




The First Steps
1. Find out a business idea of E-money that will be marketed via forum
2. Create categories and forums related to E-money
3. Publish some special pages that provide information about e-money (Open /admin_pages.php)
4. Publish at least 3 main articles of discussion and e-money marketing information through forum category
5. Make navigation links can be found by readers that can be clicked to open the important pages like the contact page, e-money page, etc.
6. Make sure the forums are accessible and comfortable to use by the e-money target audience

The Second Steps
NOTE: Do not perform the following steps before you complete the first steps as mentioned previously!
1. Invite as many online users to join your forum ((either through social media such as facebook, google, twitter, and more)
2. Add Your Forum Site to Search Engines:  Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc (Make sure you set the target user !)

The Third Step
1. Be a Forum Webmaster ! Develop your forum by learning some important mybb scripts that you can use for your forum ! so you can determine what suitable scripts for your e-money forum
2. Get The E-Money ! a lot of money to be wandering around your forum, immediately caught
3. Donate Us ! If you succeed, do not forget to leave a donation for mybb
4. For reference, read this: Your Partnership Service

extras on user profile... ?.
I am not sure.... maybe what you're referring to is related to how to create a new field ?
Open Administration,,, and click Profile fields ( ..../admin_fields.php ), then add new extras
NOTE: Maximum number of profile fields is 5. You can increase the limits by going to Paid services.

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PM'd you, check mailbox.


You are here » Community Forum » Problems with the Forum » Share ! to - Social website